Using the Power of Our Stories and Experiences
to Heal Trauma, Addiction and Stigma


Monique Elise is an author and advocate, who empowers women to heal their trauma and transform their lives. She is the co-author of the Addiction Diaries Anthology –a collection of stories about addiction, darkness, and recovery. Monique’s story, Home Sweet Heroin offers a glimpse inside her family’s rapid spiral into heroin addiction, and her eventual resurrection.

She is the creator and writer of Girl Talk and Coffee, a platform in which stories and experiences are used to help others. Monique believes storytelling has the power to not only heal trauma and addiction but also combat societal stigma and mobilize meaningful change in how we treat addiction.


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Monique serves on the Community Wellness Task Force for the City of Victoria, which is comprised of persons with lived and living experience. The purpose of the Community Wellness Task Force is to develop recommendations that will help shape an alternative response model for mental health and addiction issues.

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